Investment Profile


Paladin invests in disruptive technology companies who solve important customer problems in both private and public sector markets.   This “dual use” investment strategy combined with the diverse background of our partners enables Paladin to invest opportunistically with confidence and add value across a wide array of market sectors and company stages.   We tend to focus in sectors which most naturally fit the needs of both Fortune 500 and the Federal enterprises, including Information Technology, Cyber-Security, Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Broadband.   While we are sometimes the first institutional investor, we tend to focus on the market entry stage where a company has a technology, product, or service that has received initial market acceptability and where our typical initial investment can be leveraged to scale a repeating sales process or extend a promising product roadmap.    We are often co-investing as part of a syndicate where our knowledge of government procurement and relationships in the customer/integrator community around Washington, DC, are uniquely valuable to Boards and management teams alike.    

Alternative Energy

Paladin believes that a combination of market, environmental, and energy independence imperatives will continue to fuel rapid growth for the clean tech sector.  The investment professionals on the alternative energy team have a long history of operating, financing, and working with growing energy and technology companies.  In order to supplement our very talented team, we have also built a network of strategic advisors and corporate partners with significant energy experience to help us grow and commercialize our portfolio companies’ technologies and products.  We focus on sectors not only which we believe have the largest growth prospects, but also in which our team’s relationships and expertise can add the most value.  Specific investment areas to date have included biofuel production assets, thin-film solar, and LED lighting technology.  Paladin continues to focus on new opportunities in alternative fuels, renewable energy generation technologies, and energy management and storage.

Paladin invests across all stages of a company’s life cycle.  Our professionals have significant experience making traditional venture investments, ranging from seed to later stage.  In addition, our team is highly capable in structuring more sophisticated transactions such as leveraged buyouts, PIPEs, and spin-outs.  Specifically, in the biofuels sector, we continue to look for operational assets which fit strategically with our existing biofuels platforms in the U.S. and Brazil.

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