Our Value Add

Paladin has a unique competitive advantage in being a value-add partner to its portfolio companies by providing general business counsel and strategic business direction to its portfolio companies’ CEOs and senior management teams.  Paladin’s team of professionals bring unique value to its companies by establishing and enhancing important relationships primarily in the federal market with key agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency,  National Security Agency and others.

Paladin’s investment criteria include investing in portfolio companies who have superior products and services that have the potential to serve both commercial and federal customers, that possess high quality management teams with proven expertise in their sector, and who are receptive to Paladin’s involvement post closing. Paladin engages with its management teams on a variety of issues including sales strategy prior to closing each investment, and looks forward to playing an active, value added role on the companies’ boards of directors.   Other investment criteria includes the technology, product or service offering advantage, the sustainability of that advantage over time, business model (including recurring revenues and gross margins), and underlying market dynamics.

In order to maximize returns, Paladin takes an active hands-on approach with each portfolio company, engaging directly on strategic issues including research, technology,  marketing and sales, human resources, acquisitions, divestitures and corporate finance.  For those portfolio companies with no clear path or an in-depth knowledge of the decision-making framework of the federal sector, Paladin, with its unique focus and its network of experienced former government leaders and professionals with specialized competence in our core markets, provides its portfolio companies with a unique advantage to win federal sales revenues, develop critical business partnerships and better understand macro trends and opportunities affecting their markets.

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