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Investing in Solutions to Ensure Artificial Intelligence Can Be Trusted and Safe

As a leading investor in Artificial Intelligence (AI) security and trustworthiness, Paladin Capital Group has an established track record of identifying, investing, and supporting groundbreaking new technologies that use AI to improve digital security and build trust.

AI has life changing implications for all facets of our lives, but most AI is tested for functionality—not trust or security. For AI to be a force for positive change, the industry requires investment and innovation in responsible technology solutions.

Paladin Capital Group is dedicated to accelerating the secure and safe adoption of AI. For years, our team has identified and invested in innovators and entrepreneurs around the globe who are building technology to make AI more trusted and effective for the betterment of our society.

Paladin takes pride in our track record of helping early-stage founders cultivate successful, growing companies by making connections, securing business opportunities, and providing funding – not just initially but in follow on fundraising rounds. Our team has backed founders with varied experiences and supported them at multiple stages of growth – from industry veterans like Dave Merkel at Expel to first-time entrepreneurs with deep technical expertise like Neil Serebryany of CalypsoAI and Eric Wengrowski of Steg.AI.

By assembling the very best talent from the intelligence, security, academic, and defense global establishments in its Strategic Advisory Group, Paladin brings together unmatched expertise to advise its investors and portfolio companies on navigating the rapidly changing AI landscape. We have opened doors for our founders to brief policymakers on Capitol Hill and in the White House to Westminster and in Brussels on the emerging risks and opportunities AI presents to digital security.

Recent AI Trust & Safety Investments

If you are an entrepreneur building a solution to make AI more trustworthy, a policymaker looking to better understand how to safeguard this technology, or interested in AI safety investment opportunities, reach out to the Paladin team at

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