About Paladin Capital

Paladin Capital Group is a leading global investor that supports and grows the world’s most innovative companies through venture investment, expansion, and growth capital. We are headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices in New York City, Silicon Valley, and London. We seek out diverse investment opportunities across the US and worldwide.

Paladin is a leader in investing in technologies, products, and services focused on dual use in both commercial and governmental markets with a strong value-add culture.

Our People

We Are Active Investors.

The Paladin team merges financial expertise with national security and technical competence to add value across a wide array of market sectors and company stages. Paladin is focused on being an active investor—bringing decades of experience, advice, access, and relationships to its portfolio companies.

Our Funds

Since Paladin’s inception, more than $1 billion have been committed across multiple funds and investment vehicles.

Paladin Cyber Fund Our most recent fund focuses on Digital Infrastructure Resilience, investing globally in advanced technologies and solutions which enable, monitor, manage, and defend critical infrastructure that is dependent on cyber space. The Fund is actively investing.

Paladin III The Fund has completed 34 investments and continues to deploy follow-on capital to its portfolio companies and offer value-add services. The Fund invested primarily in disruptive cyber and advanced technologies and, to a lesser extent, alternative energy.