In a world of data-driven business models, in which analytics play a huge part in strategic decisions, it is critical to be able to exploit the full potential of your data – the most important asset in the 21st century economy. Yet according to estimates, $300B worth of data remains unexploited every year due to the lack of a secure environment in which to analyse it.

Confidential Computing is an emerging approach to securing data in untrusted environments, enabling encrypted data to be processed in memory while lowering the risk of exposure to the rest of the system. Confidential Computing thus removes the remaining barrier to cloud adoption for highly regulated businesses or those concerned about unauthorised third-party access to data.

This paradigm shift for data security in the cloud is why Paladin Capital has invested in decentriq. decentriq’s confidential data analytics platform, powered by Confidential Computing, allows enterprises to run machine learning applications with sensitive input data on the cloud without ever exposing the model or the input to any third party. Its platform makes scaling analytic workflows in the cloud seamless and enables the co-existence of data access, analysis, and confidentiality.

While the applicability of the decentriq’s platform is industry-agnostic, insurance and healthcare companies are already taking advantage of its technology to address the increasing pressure for advanced analytics on sensitive data.

This CHF 3.5m Seed investment, which we have joined with btov Partners and Atlantic Labs, will enable decentriq to develop its product and accelerate growth in the US and Europe. We are excited to support decentriq’s team as they reach out to more enterprises looking to exploit the commercial potential of their data.