Paladin Capital Group convenes expert discussion on Russia’s cyber aggression against Ukraine and its implications for US and European businesses 

Washington DC, Feb. 3, 2022 – Experts from Paladin Capital Group, a leading cyber and advanced technology investor, warned that escalating Russian cyber aggression against Ukraine could result in fallout for U.S. and European businesses. He said organizations should assess and prepare for threats. The remarks were made during a briefing call today with international press, investors, business executives and cyber experts.

“In these tense times, we can’t discount that Russian cyber aggression against the West could go further than before into unprecedented and dangerous,” said Ciaran Martin, Paladin Managing Director and former UK National Cyber Security Centre CEO. “If things get worse, we’re going to face two serious risks we’re all too aware of: One, as Russia continues to bombard Ukraine in the digital domain, we get caught in the crossfire, as western economies did five years ago. The other is that Russia sets its many cyber criminals ever more loose on us. And we saw last year how much damage they can do. That’s why we’ve got to up our defenses, and prepare to cope better than we’ve done before.”

“Right now, the mood around a Russian invasion of Ukraine is one of inevitability, and we know cyber warfare will be a significant component of Russian aggression,” said Michael SteedFounder and CEO of Paladin Capital Group. “This situation poses a threat to all companies, and every leader in the private and public sectors should take time to prepare their organization.”To listen to a full recording of the call, click here.


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