25 June 2021 – Washington D.C. – Dr Mary Aiken has been appointed to lead Capitol Technology University’s new Cyberpsychology Department as Chair and Professor. Capitol Technology is Washington D.C.’s premier STEM University, supplying human capital to America’s most technologically advanced government agencies and their private sector supply chains. Capitol Tech is a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense designated by The National Security Agency and Department of Defense, and was recently awarded the prestigious 2020 SC Media Award for Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program.

Michael Steed, Founder and Managing Partner, Paladin Capital Group, commented: “Congratulations to Professor Aiken on this prestigious appointment. Mary brings an extraordinary academic and industry background to the position, with a deep understanding of the importance of innovation in cybersecurity. As a member of Paladin’s Strategic Advisory Group of leading industry and academic professionals, she has made a significant contribution to our understanding of the emerging cyber threats to individuals, businesses, and societies. Capital Technology will benefit greatly from her leadership.”

Professor Aiken holds a PhD in Forensic Cyberpsychology – the study of the impact of technology on human behaviour. In collaboration with Capitol Technology University, Professor Aiken has assisted in the development of online Masters and Doctoral Degree programs in Cyberpsychology – the first time worldwide that both of these higher degrees will be available online.

Professor Aiken said, “The advantages of the internet are well established. However, the greatest advantage is in the democratisation of, and access to, knowledge. For this reason, I am delighted that we can now offer online higher degrees in Cyberpsychology. Whether you are a technologist looking for a certificate to help move to the next level or an accomplished professional seeking an advanced degree, we can offer the education you need, and importantly, we can offer it online.”

Professor Aiken is an advisor to Paladin Capital Group, the global cybersecurity investor, and a Professor of Forensic Cyberpsychology in the Department of Law and Criminology at the University of East London, UK (UEL). She is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine, Global Fellow at the Washington DC Wilson Center, a member of the Medico-Legal Society, an International Affiliate Member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and a Fellow of the Society for Chartered IT Professionals.

Professor Aiken is a member of INTERPOL’s Global Cybercrime Expert Group and an Academic Advisor to Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3). Today, Europol published a report co-authored by Professor Aiken, “The Cyber Blue Line“, which explores the challenges facing law enforcement in serving and protecting the online community. The report discusses the changing ways in which policing could be approached, in the real world and cyberspace, in a continuously evolving technological upheaval.

Professor Aiken added, “Our report critically asks – from the thin red line to the thin blue line, to the Cyber Blue Line: where does responsibility lie when it comes to maintaining secure and safe societies in cyberspace? What is the role of stakeholders from industry to government and civil society, in reconceptualising law and order now mediated by technology?”

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Paladin Capital Group was founded in 2001 and has offices in Washington D.C., New York, Silicon Valley, London and Luxembourg. As a multi-stage investor, Paladin focuses on companies with technologies, products and services that meet challenging global cybersecurity and digital infrastructure resilience needs for commercial and government customers. Paladin has over $1 billion in committed capital across multiple funds. For updates, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or visit www.paladincapgroup.com.

About Capital Technology University

An innovator in engineering education as recognized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), Capitol is the only independent college in Maryland dedicated to engineering, computer science, information technology, cybersecurity, data science, business, and management of technology. In 2020 Capitol Technology University was chosen by the NSA to lead the National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) Northeast Regional Hub, which includes 14 states, the District of Columbia, and hundreds of institutions offering cybersecurity programs. Fields of study include Cyber Behavioral Sciences; Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science; Cyber and Information Security; Security, Intelligence and Critical Infrastructure; Aviation and Unmanned Systems; Engineering and Engineering Technologies; Construction, Facilities and Safety; Management of Technology.  https://www.captechu.edu/faculty-staff/mary-aiken