WASHINGTON – Today, Paladin Capital Group—a leading investor in early-stage cyber and other advanced technologies—was named to Inc. Magazine’s “2022 Founder-Friendly Investor” list, which recognizes investment partners that build trust and collaboration with entrepreneurs while accelerating growth. The competitive process recognizes private equity and venture capital firms that are endorsed by their portfolio companies.

“Paladin is proud to be a part of this distinctive list of investors,” said Paladin Founder and Managing Partner Michael Steed. “The endorsement of so many of our portfolio companies is a testament to our investment philosophy and our holistic approach to building strong relationships with the entrepreneurs who are creating the digital solutions of absolute need to protect critical infrastructure, build cyber resiliency, and facilitate innovation.”

“The truth is that this list wouldn’t be complete without Paladin,” said Emily Leproust, CEO of synthetic DNA company Twist Bioscience. “Paladin has not only shown a commitment to our company through their investment, but also through their partnership. Their ability to spot and invest in revolutionizing technologies is transforming our world. But, their dedication to collaboration and support of their portfolio companies is changing what it means to be a friendly investor.”

As a leading global investor, Paladin has found success in its unique ability to identify and execute investments in new, compelling innovations as an early entrant. These investments include emerging areas such as digital biology and Safety Tech, where human behavior and traditional industry are converging in our digital environments.

Paladin has been a trusted partner to investors, entrepreneurs, and governments since its founding in 2001. The firm was one of the first investors to recognize the need for coordination between international private and public sectors to support technologies with a security-by-design mindset. Paladin’s esteemed Strategic Advisory Group includes former government officials and members of the national security community with international cyber expertise.

Read more about Paladin and how they supported the growth of portfolio company Twist Bioscience here.


Paladin Capital Group was founded in 2001 and has offices in Washington DC, New York, London, Luxembourg, and Silicon Valley. As a multi-stage investor, Paladin’s core strength is identifying, supporting and investing in innovative companies that develop promising, early-stage technologies to address the critical cyber and advanced technological needs of both commercial and government customers. Combining proven investment experience with deep expertise in global security, cyber technology and cutting-edge research, Paladin has invested in more than 60 companies since 2008 and has been a trusted partner to investors, entrepreneurs and governments for over two decades.

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