Hack The Box

A massive, online cyber security training platform


Hack The Box is the most massively growing hacking playground and cybersecurity community in the world. Counting 500,000 members in less than four years, the platform allows individuals, businesses, and universities to level up their security skills in the most practical and gamified way possible. From hundreds of constantly updated virtual hacking labs to the plethora of interactive cybersecurity courses at HTB Academy, Hack The Box is on a mission to upscale the cybersecurity capabilities of every professional and organization in the world. Hack your way in at hackthebox.eu!

  • Location: Kent, UK
  • Paladin Initial Investment Date: April 2021

Portfolio Stats

Over 65 Companies

Paladin has invested in over 65 portfolio companies since 2001.

4 Continents

Paladin has invested in companies in North America, Australia, Europe, and South America.

Over $1 billion

Paladin manages over $1 billion of committed capital across multiple funds and investment vehicles.