Protecting desktop, server, mobile, and embedded software from attack.


Arxan Technologies (acquired by TA Associates) was founded in 2001 using advanced technology developed at the CERIAS Institute, a top academic research institute and an NSA Center of Excellence in Information Assurance, at Purdue University. Arxan focuses on solutions that address the vulnerability of software running on a machine that is no longer controlled by the software’s creator. Arxan offers robust, viable solutions that are designed to reduce piracy, to take software programs security beyond cryptography, and to generate software that is secure in deployment. Arxan has developed a sophisticated product designed to trust fortify software programs against tampering. Arxan sells its products through direct and indirect channels to the defense and intelligence communities, to independent software vendors and game publishers.

  • Location: Bethesda, MD
  • Paladin Initial Investment Date: December 2002

Portfolio Stats

Over 65 Companies

Paladin has invested in over 65 portfolio companies since 2001.

4 Continents

Paladin has invested in companies in North America, Australia, Europe, and South America.

Over $1 billion

Paladin manages over $1 billion of committed capital across multiple funds and investment vehicles.