Edifice Health

The world’s first longitudinal comprehensive program to measure and improve a patients Systemic Chronic Inflammation.


Edifice Health was founded in 2018 to commercialize the results of a 10-year research study lead by Prof David Furman from Stanford Medical School and Dept of Biomedical Data Science. The “Stanford Thousand Immunomes Project” (STIP) demonstrated that Systemic Chronic Inflammation (SCI) is one of the leading underlying causes of age-related diseases by way of developing the world’s first longitudinal comprehensive program to measure and improve a patients SCI. With over $30M in funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) and philanthropic institutions, the STIP used artificial intelligence (AI) based technology to identify and develop an inflammatory age score, called Inflammatory Age® (iAge®), based on the analysis of thousands of blood variables collected from 1,000 subjects aged 9-96. The Inflammatory Age® score of a person determines how much older or younger one’s immune health appears with respect to the chronological age and is indexed to the SCI IndexTM which verifies how one compares to individuals in his/her age group within the STIP cohort. Coupled with the iAge® score, Edifice Health has identified over 150 actionable health interventions to better understand if specific food products, supplements, and ingredients can reduce systemic chronic inflammation and have positive effects on immune health, while improving Inflammatory Age®.

  • Location: San Mateo, CA
  • Paladin Initial Investment Date: April 2021

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