Dr. Charlie Miller, “one of the most technically proficient hackers on Earth” (according to Foreign Policy magazine) has joined RangeForce’s advisory board.  RangeForce is the world’s most comprehensive cybersecurity simulation and skills analytics platform enabling technical practitioners to hone their skills in realistic virtual environments.

After receiving his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Miller served as a computer hacker for the National Security Agency for five years. Since that time he has worked for the Twitter information security team, as well as on the autonomous vehicle security team for Uber, Didi Chuxing, and Cruise Automation. He has won the “Super Bowl” of computer hacking, the annual Pwn2Own competition four times. Dr. Miller has discovered countless vulnerabilities in several Apple products.  Perhaps the most well known of these exploits was the ability to remotely compromise an iPhone by merely sending it a malicious text message.

“I have been in the cybersecurity field for fifteen years and a constant problem I’ve seen is trying to find enough qualified individuals to do all the work needed to adequately secure products and enterprises. It is difficult for new people to the field to get the necessary experience to be effective out of the gate. One reason I found RangeForce interesting was that it emphasizes a hands-on approach to skills learning, which is the best way to learn cybersecurity,” says Charlie Miller.

“We’re excited to welcome Dr. Charlie Miller as we work towards empowering the new generation of enterprise defenders,” said the CEO of RangeForce Taavi Must. “We aim to supercharge teams with defensive cyber operations skills so that they can be as great as Charlie Miller at developing safe systems and finding vulnerabilities.”

About RangeForce (URL https://www.rangeforce.com/)

RangeForce develops a cyber simulation and skills analytics platform where cyber and IT professionals can learn and test defensive cyber skills in cyber battle games. The company was founded in 2015 by Taavi Must, Jaanus Kink and Margus Ernits who brought on board 50+ years of cybersecurity expertise and enterprise software development.