Technology that can protect us from harm, be it bullying, coercion or mis/disinformation, is increasingly vital as we move our lives online. Cyberpsychologist Dr Mary Aiken, is an expert adviser to the UK Government’s new report on “Safety Tech”, which looks at the growth and potential of this emerging sector for investors.

This is the first time a national government has created such a framework for ‘Online Harm’, the negative and criminal behaviours that impact internet users. The report has identified a new sector, Safety Tech, which compliments the existing cybersecurity industry. Cybersecurity traditionally focuses on information (data); cyber safety focuses on people. Cyber innovators are now working to protect people from the psychological and criminal dangers lurking behind our screens.

The DCMS report finds that Safety Tech has grown 35% a year since 2016 and generated £226 million in 2019. The number of dedicated Safety Tech firms has doubled to 70 in the last five years. The report predicts that the UK is likely to see its first Safety Tech unicorn emerge soon.

Mary Aiken is strategic advisor to Paladin and is helping us to identify opportunities in this area globally. The development of the Safety Tech sector worldwide will create jobs, new businesses, foster innovation and encourage those who profit online to be part of the solution. By backing and scaling Safety Tech startups, Paladin is doing its part to create a better cyber society and a safer cyberspace.