In response to the White House releasing its National Cybersecurity Strategy today, Michael Steed, Founder and Managing Partner of Paladin Capital Group, which made the need for private-public partnerships to secure critical infrastructure a pillar of its cybersecurity investment thesis for over 20 years, gave the following statement:

“The White House’s National Cybersecurity Strategy lays out a clear vision for the United States to lead on securing cyberspace and reflects the tremendous work of former National Cyber Director Chris Inglis and the talented cybersecurity minds within the Biden Administration. This strategy builds on the country’s leadership in cybersecurity and provides a roadmap to better protect our critical infrastructure, the American people and our allies.

“Over the last 20 years, cybersecurity has evolved from a sliver of IT spending to being a C-suite role with a large budget. Today’s announcement reflects a call-to-action for all enterprises. The National Cybersecurity Strategy sets an ambitious blueprint for the private sector while promoting a security-by-design mindset, which we believe will generate significant investment and development potential for known and yet-to-be created solutions to the most complex cyber challenges.

“While the strategy is comprehensive, one piece that stands out is the need for collaboration to defend our increasingly digital world. This is an all-hands-on deck effort, requiring the private sector and government, America and its allies, and agencies at all levels to work together. The scale and ambition of this strategy will require hard work, but I believe government, innovators, investors and the country as a whole are ready to step up to the challenge.”

You can read the White House’s full strategy here.