User-Friendly Interface Offers Novel Visibility into User Activity, Distills Complex Logs

[Ellicott City, Maryland] – December 19, 2023 – Turngate, a powerful cybersecurity solution offering IT and cybersecurity professionals unprecedented insights into user activity, is pleased to announce that it has raised a $5 million seed funding round led by Paladin Capital Group. This significant investment propels Turngate’s mission: providing a window of clarity to what is happening in the organizations of IT and cybersecurity professionals. 

Modern enterprises use a complex ecosystem of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms, and custom applications. Turngate’s technology reduces the uncertainty IT and security teams face when determining what users are doing with their systems, checking their auditing activity and validating permissions. Turngate also eliminates deciphering differences associated with differences in content, format and accessibility across organizations.    

Bruce Potter, Founder and CEO, Turngate commented, “I built the tool I wanted as a CISO but never got. As modern organizations grapple with understanding identity and user activity across an increasingly complex and fragmented digital footprint, our fresh approach provides the speed and clarity required for effective cyber security incident management and resilience.”

Turngate tackles crucial issues facing security analysts and defenders by lowering the barrier for investigations, allowing teams to grasp employee activities and entitlements in their enterprise in seconds. Turngate incorporates audit records from SaaS and IaaS services, providing a swift way to recognize activity, system use, and security concerns in the workplace. This seed funding round will be critical in building out and scaling Turngate’s solution for commercial customers.

By creating rapid understanding for system activities and events, Turngate dramatically accelerates security investigations, reducing the uncertainty that plagues many searches. Further, by normalizing and distilling audit events, analysts and defenders no longer require detailed knowledge and training for their security product; Turngate delivers a self-service solution that swaps confusion with clarity whether someone is new to IT or has been in security for decades.

“We’re thrilled to be backing Bruce Potter and the team at Turngate as they bring their solution to market, uniquely informed by the founding team’s decades of experience building and operating world class security organizations with a deep understanding of the associated technology and human pain points,” said Mourad Yesayan, Managing Director at Paladin Capital Group and Turngate Board member.

About Turngate 

Turngate was founded by Bruce Potter in 2023 with a mission to simplify security investigations. Turngate’s rapidly growing team is focused on building a platform that enables practitioners of all experience levels to quickly answer questions like “Who is this user?” and “What has this account done lately?” Turngate’s platform allows analysts to swiftly visualize complex log data, reducing response time and enhancing confidence in conclusions. Turngate is headquartered in Ellicott City, Maryland, with remote staff across the country. Learn more and sign up for the waitlist at

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