Paladin Capital Group was co-founded in 2001 by Michael Steed and Mark Maloney, who had worked together for years completing over 75 successful investments in companies, co-investments, and funds for a premiere financial services company. Paladin’s inaugural fund, Paladin Capital Partners Fund, was launched that same year and focused on taking an opportunistic approach to investments across a broad cross section of the economy. After the events of September 11, Paladin collaborated with National Security leaders, Lt. Gen. Kenneth A. Minihan and Dr. Alf Andreassen to discuss how private equity could play a vital role in developing and delivering effective products, technology and services for the homeland and global security sectors. Paladin’s investment thesis attracted luminaries in national security including former CIA Director, the Honorable James Woolsey, and former Secretary of the Army, the Honorable Togo West, Jr. and others.  As a result, Paladin established its Homeland Security Fund to invest in companies with products, services and technologies that could address the vulnerabilities in our critical infrastructure.  In 2008, the Paladin III Fund, which is a follow-on fund to its Homeland Security Fund, began investing to focus on next generation dual-use technologies and services.  Throughout its history, the firm has also expanded the members of its professional team and investment network who possess extensive domestic and international   investment experience  in the security, intelligence, defense, and alternative energy markets.

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