Our Team

Paladin is comprised of individuals with a proven track record of financial expertise, national security experience and specialized technical competence.

Financial Expertise - The Managing Directors and investment professionals of Paladin have extensive domestic and international experience in fund investments and in originating, underwriting, closing, monitoring and exiting investments. Collectively, Paladin’s Managing Directors have completed over 125 direct, fund, and co-investments in a wide range of industries.

National Security Experience - The Managing Directors and investment professionals of Paladin have extensive and distinguished track records in service within the security, defense and intelligence fields. Paladin team members include Lt. General (Ret.) Ken Minihan (former Director of the National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency), Ambassador Jim Woolsey (former Director of Central Intelligence), Richard Clarke (former Senior White House Advisor on Cyber Security) Dr. H. Lee Buchanan (former Deputy Director of DARPA), and Dr. Alf Andreassen (Bell Labs, AT&T, National Security Agency Advisory Board).

Specialized Technical Competence - The Paladin team is augmented by a dynamic, unique and active group of advisors with deep area expertise. The Strategic Advisory Group enhances Paladin’s capabilities to identify and evaluate investments at various points in the investment process. Members of the Strategic Advisory Group include a former senior White House Advisor, a former Secretary of the California EPA, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (ASD (C3I), and a former Secretary of the Army, and others.

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