Early users present data as company prepares for shipments Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT)

PLEASANTON, Calif. And MARCO ISLAND, Fla.—February 25, 2015—10X Genomics today launched the GemCode™ Platform at the 16th annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT). The GemCode Platform is a unique molecular barcoding and analysis platform that consists of instrumentation, reagents and software, which delivers long range information, including haplotype phasing, structural variation, and de novo assembly. By upgrading existing short read sequencers the GemCode Platform generates a powerful new data type: linked reads.

Leading researchers will be presenting data obtained from the GemCode Platform throughout AGBT.

“Sequencing of large DNA molecules in the size of tens of kilobases represents a major scientific milestone yet to be achieved. This type of information is critical for whole genome sequencing and all of its vast applications. However, current short read sequencing approaches overlook a vast wealth of information, given their reliance on short DNA fragments. 10X Genomics’ scalable solution will benefit genetic studies of all types,” said Hanlee P. Ji, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Ji will present his lab’s results using the GemCode Platform on February 28th at AGBT.

The GemCode Platform partitions arbitrarily long DNA molecules (including >100 kb) and prepares sequencing libraries in parallel, so that all fragments produced within a partition share a common barcode. A simple workflow combines large partition numbers with a massively diverse barcode library to generate >100,000 barcode containing partitions, while only requiring ~1ng of DNA input.

“The GemCode Platform will allow researchers to routinely access genomic information they can’t see today. With this product we will enable a deeper understanding of the human genome,” said Ben Hindson, PhD, CSO, President and Co-founder of 10X Genomics.

Dr. Hindson will describe the platform in more detail and present data on February 27th at AGBT.

10X Genomics is accepting purchase orders for the GemCode Instrument at $75,000 and shipments will commence in Q2. For more information, please visit www.10XGenomics.com.


10X Genomics is changing the definition of sequencing by providing an innovative genomics platform that dramatically upgrades the capabilities of existing short read sequencers. The Company does this through a combination of elegant microfluidics, chemistry and bioinformatics. With the GemCode Platform, researchers can now find structural variants, haplotypes, and other valuable long range information while leveraging existing sequencing workflows.

Contact: Kena Hudson Chempetitive Group for 10X Genomics (510) 908-0966 khudson@chempetitive.com