How do we salvage trust and build confidence in technology? #Paladinexperts Prof. Ciaran Martin and Sir David Omand look at the answers to understandable concerns about AI and future innovations.

They believe helping and protecting SMEs is essential, as is the need for solutions to perimeter monitoring and ransomware attacks. Commercial incentives to companies to take action and good advice that helps them make the right decisions could both pave the way to greater security.

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Here’s the full transcript of the video:

  • Ciaran Martin: how do we try to salvage, maintain, and hopefully even enhance trust in technology at a time when there’s a lot of quite pessimistic speculation about the next generation of technology?
  • David Omand: The answers that will be found are going to involve more transparency so the public has a better understanding of why certain solutions have been adopted, why certain machine-learning algorithms are being used in a particular product.
  • Ciaran Martin: I think how companies and governments help… smaller and medium-sized enterprises protect themselves is one of the major challenges. We had to develop solutions for perimeter monitoring, to develop solutions for ransomware, which I would love to see, and to develop fixes for the technologies of the future, both in hardware and software.
  • David Omand: how can we gradually dial down the amount of harm which there is, give people an incentive, commercial incentives to companies to improve their act, … and good advice on what individuals should do.
  • Ciaran Martin: Ransomware solutions must become more investible. I long for the day where someone makes a deserved fortune fixing ransomware.
  • David Omand: We will, I hope, eventually see technological solutions that make ransomware attacks very hard to carry out. In the meantime, there is good advice available to minimise the risks of being caught out by having your data locked up.