Washington, D.C. – This week, Senior Strategic Advisor at Paladin Capital Group and former National Cyber Director Chris Inglis was elected to the Board of Directors of insurer American International Group (“AIG”). Michael Steed, Founder and Managing Partner of Paladin Capital Group, released the following statement on his appointment:

“On behalf of Paladin Capital Group, I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to Chris Inglis on joining the Board of AIG as an Independent Director. His appointment reflects his decades of distinguished service in the United States military and government and his leadership in the private sector, including at Paladin.

“As the inaugural Senate-confirmed National Cyber Director, he played a critical role in the development of the first-ever National Cyber Strategy and continues to break ground in cybersecurity today. Chris is an invaluable asset at Paladin, helping identify and scale solutions to our most pressing cybersecurity and AI risks. I have no doubt Chris’ expertise and insights will be valued by AIG as well.”