Nuné Martiros, PhD

Senior Associate

Team: Investment Professionals


Dr. Nuné Martiros works on sourcing and assessing investments for the Digital Biology fund at Paladin Capital, including interfacing with Paladin-founded venture studio General Inception. She previously worked on developing and assessing early stage biotechnology companies at Foresite Labs and was a Fellow at Flagship Pioneering. Nuné completed her undergraduate studies and doctoral thesis research in neuroscience at MIT and postdoctoral research at Harvard University. Her research focused on using electrophysiology and multiphoton imaging to study the real-time activity of basal ganglia neuronal populations, the role of dopamine signaling, and olfactory sensory input. Dr. Martiros is the lead author on multiple research publications in scientific journals and has been the recipient of multiple research grants from the NIH. She has a particular focus on sourcing investments from the active Boston biotechnology innovation ecosystem.