Alf Andreassen, PhD

Managing Director

Team: Federal Experts


Dr. Andreassen is a Managing Director of Paladin. Dr. Andreassen has a record of years of distinguished service in the public and private sectors. During his years of government service, his private career, and his service on corporate boards, Dr. Andreassen has concentrated on the realization of the potential of innovative technology and on the structural and managerial elements necessary to bring good ideas to practical applications. During the last ten years, he has served on the boards of directors of seven companies, all of which have involved high technology to advance security and provide other benefits to their customers.

He was a founding member of AT&T Solutions, one of the fastest growing professional service organizations of its kind. As Technical Advisor for Naval Warfare and as a result of his service with the Science Advisor to the President, and with the Bell Laboratories, Dr. Andreassen has been identified with promoting technological innovation in the area of national security. For example, at the Bell Laboratories and at AT&T he had responsibility for AT&T’s support of classified national programs in the areas of Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence. Dr. Andreassen received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Cornell University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Materials Science, also at Cornell.