Richard C. Schaeffer, Jr.


Team: Strategic Advisory Group


Mr. Schaeffer is a former Senior Executive with the National Security Agency (NSA), with almost 50 years in the Information Security, Cyber Security, and Intelligence space. Since retiring in 2010, Mr. Schaeffer has continued to pursue his passion for improving the security of U.S. and partner interests in the Cyber domain. He started a private consulting firm, Riverbank Associates, LLC, located in Severna Park, Maryland, bringing visionary leadership, management, technical experience and expertise to his client’s challenges. His client base has included a full range of private sector companies from small start-ups, middle market companies, large system integrators, commercial businesses, and international entities.

He leads the Paladin Strategic Advisory Group, a team of government and industry notables supporting the investment thesis of the industry’s most successful venture capital firm in the cyber domain. He also serves on the boards of a number of government, private sector and non-profit companies and organizations. He serves as an Outside Director on the Boards of three companies addressing the concern of foreign investment and control over elements of foreign owned companies providing products and services to classified U.S. Government clients.

Mr. Schaeffer is a Principal in Endeavor Technology Group, a Veteran Owned and Operated Independent Sponsor that buys and builds mission-focused companies with dual-use technology enabled products, services, and solutions at the intersection of the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), other Federal agencies, industry partners, and commercial applications.

He remains a strong advocate in the area of cyber education and training, believing that the Nation’s future in the complex world of Cyberspace depends upon a corps of professionals who are well equipped to deal with a rapidly changing technology and threat environment.

Throughout his career, Mr. Schaeffer has been recognized for his vision, leadership, and commitment to excellence. He is known for his strategic thinking, ability to build cohesive teams, political savvy, technical competence, extensive network of cyber and intelligence professionals, and ability to communicate complex topics to any audience.